Blister Plaster Small
Faster healing

Highly effective treatment for blisters on toes

  • Immediately relieves pressure and pain
  • Safely protects from dirt and bacteria
  • 48h extra strong adhesion
  • Faster healing due to Hydrocolloid Technology
  • New neat, stylish box for on-the-go relief

Blister Plaster Small – Superior technology inside

Elastoplast Blister Plaster with hydrocolloid active gel cushion offers superior protection and instantly relieves pain. The active gel cushion is based on the moist healing principle. The technology inside uses superabsorbers to absorb blister fluid and allow a protective layer of gel to form over the wound in order to create the ideal conditions for healing.

The plaster also protects against pressure, additional friction as well as dirt and bacteria that could otherwise enter the wound.

Thanks to Elastoplast Adhesion Technology the plaster stays in place for 48 hours. It’s also extremely waterproof and sweat-proof.

The new, easy-to-use application system lets you apply the plaster quickly and without wrinkles for added convenience when you’re on the go.

Dr Kuhlmann’s Expert Tips – Help your blisters heal faster

  • Self-surgery is not recommended. For example, don’t puncture the blister and don’t remove any outer layers of skin, because this can cause infection
  • Existing blisters should be disinfected
  • Make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying the blister plaster
  • Attach the plaster without wrinkles and press firmly
  • Don’t change the plaster until it falls off by itself
Dr Maike Kuhlmann Research & Development, Beiersdorf AG

Dermatologically approved
Based on clinical studies, this product is confirmed to be skin-compatible.

How to use

  1. Apply on clean, dry skin.
  2. Press the plaster on firmly and smooth down.
    The plaster should only be changed when it
    peels off by itself.

In case a blister has already formed, apply patch on the intact blister.
For open blisters additional desinfection is recommended. If you havediabetes ask your doctor before use. 

Product Content

Product Type Size Quantity
Blister Plaster Small

 5,8 cm x 2 cm 6 Pieces

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How does a blister develop?

    Blisters often appear in areas where the skin is exposed to pressure and friction over a long period of time, e.g. during sports or when wearing new shoes. Pressure and friction cause the upper layer of the skin (the epidermis) to move back and forth over the underlying  layer. A space forms between both skin layers, fluid seeps into the space and a blister is formed.
  2. 2. How do I best treat blisters?

    If the blister has already formed, the area should be protected from further pressure and contamination. Elastoplast Blister Plaster with its hydrocolloid technology absorbs the blister fluid and creates an optimal moist wound healing environment that allows the wound to heal faster and restore quickly. At the same time, the blister is safely sealed and protected against dirt and bacteria. The Elastoplast Foot Expert Blister Plaster works to stop further pressure and relieves the pain immediately.

  3. 3. Do I need to pop the blister? What should I do if it popped accidentally?

    A blister should not be opened because the blister roof protects against additional infection. Even if a blister is already open, the remaining skin layer should not be removed. In both cases it is important to protect the wound from external influences and contamination. The affected area should be cleaned and dried carefully before applying a bandage. If the blister is already open we recommend additional disinfection. Elastoplast Foot Expert Blister Plaster with its hydrocolloid technology relieves pain from pressure and friction immediately and creates an optimal moist wound healing environment that allows the wound to heal faster. During the healing process, the blister is safely sealed and protected from dirt and bacteria.
  4. 4. Can I use a healing cream underneath the Elastoplast Foot Expert Blister Plaster?

    No, we do not recommend using any ointment, skin cream or other products underneath the bandage as this may reduce the effectiveness and the adhesive power of the product.
  5. 5. How often do I need to change the Blister Plaster?

    Elastoplast Foot Expert Blister Plaster with its hydrocolloid technology creates an optimal moist wound healing environment that allows the wound to heal faster. In order not to disturb the healing process and as long as no signs of infection occur, the bandage should be left in place for several days and should only be changed when it peels off by itself.
  6. 6. Do I need to remove Elastoplast Foot Expert SOS Blister Plaster before taking a shower or bath?

    As the SOS Blister Plaster is waterproof you will not have to remove it before taking a shower or bath.
Always see a doctor if the wound is deep, bleeds heavily or shows signs of infection like reddening, swelling or warmth. Please note that, although they were compiled with great care, the tips and advice given on this website by no means substitute medical advice and treatment. If you have or suspect a health problem, consult a doctor and follow medical advice, regardless of what you have learned on this website. Always read carefully and follow the instructions for use or the leaflets of our products. 
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