Your first steps towards healthy feet – Elastoplast foot care products help keep your feet fit and reliable. Looking after your feet at home is easy when using foot plasters as needed.

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Many of us rely on our feet to take us from A to B. Yet those same hardworking feet are often overlooked when it comes to self-care.

The Elastoplast range of foot care products is designed so you can give your feet the attention they deserve. Address corns and calluses safely and easily in the privacy of your home.

Each product is made from high-quality ingredients and materials for efficacy you can rely on.

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Elastoplast keeps you on your toes

Since 1882, Elastoplast has developed many industry-firsts. Today, Elastoplast is one step ahead on all your foot care needs. 

Over a century’s worth of experience in healing and care ensures each Elastoplast foot care product does what it says on the box. Investment in research and development is complemented by collaborations with relevant institutions to ensure foot care products by Elastoplast deliver on healing and protection. 
The Elastoplast range makes it easy for you to maintain a daily foot care routine at home.
This tradition of innovation informs Elastoplast’s commitment to making reliable and accessible foot plasters. Have foot care products ready for when you need them with Elastoplast.

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