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Spiral Heat Multipurpose Flexible Heat Patches

Heat Therapy for targeted pain relief of tense and stiff muscles
12 hours of long lasting warmth
Innovative SpiroTherm Technology for targeted pain relief
Maximum flexibility due to the unique spiral heat cells
Soft touch fleece and discreet for all day wearing comfort
Spot application
Designed to adhere to multiple areas on your body
Ideal for muscle, joint, wrist, knee, elbow pain

Product Info

Spiral Heat – Flexible Heat Plasters

Spiral Heat new flexible heat patches for targeted pain relief from Elastoplast offer effective heat therapy for 12 hours.


SpiroTherm Technology for targeted pain relief

Elastoplast’s Spiral Heat flexible patches offer effective heat therapy for targeted pain relief. Spiral Heat merges innovatively designed spiral heat cells and reliable adhesion, creating an outstanding performance. This unique SpiroTherm Technology offers extraordinary 2D and 3D flexibility due to the spiral shape of the cells, enhancing free movement, and effective warmth for 12 hours. Elastoplast’s reliable adhesion expertise keeps the patch in place, enabling to follow your moves at work and during leisure activities. Spiral Heat’s innovative adhesive grid pattern offers optimal skin contact and effective heat transmission for 12 hours of long lasting heat - a new level of mobility and comfort for back and neck pain patients.

How to Use

How to use Spiral Heat:

  • It can take up to 30 minutes until the heat patch warms up to an effective heat level.
  • The pouch should only be opened directly before use.
  • The patch should only be applied on clean, dry and unbroken skin.
  • Open the pouch and remove the sealing paper from the back of the patch.
  • Place adhesive side of Spiral Heat to the skin directly over the painful area and press on firmly.
  • After use slowly peel off from the skin.
  • The patch should not be worn for more than 12 hours within any 24 hour period.
  • Only for single use – for each application use a new patch to retain the described heat effect. Spiral Heat works by using iron particles which, when exposed to air, start reacting and producing heat. Once started, the reaction will not stop until the iron is used up, so the product can’t be reactivated later or recharged. Because of this, the pouch should only be opened directly before use and Spiral Heat should not be put in a microwave or oven, as the material may catch on fire.

Packaging Size

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Frequently Asked Questions (11)

  • 1. How does heat work against pain?

    Heat therapy is a simple and effective method that can offer pain relief for back, neck and shoulder pain. It increases the local blood flow as well as the skin temperature which leads to a relaxation of the muscles. The increased blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissue and at the same time dilutes and washes away painful mediators and metabolic by-products. This helps to restore damaged tissue and to decrease pain.
  • 2. When is heat therapy the right treatment and when cold therapy?

    The therapeutic use of cold or warmth is a well-known physiotherapeutic treatment. Whether to use heat or cold on the affected area depends on the type of pain. Heat has been known for generations to be an effective way to relieve muscle pain such as muscle strain and tension. Cold is recommended for acute conditions, such as acute inflammation or injuries, e.g. sports injuries such as sprains, contusions, bruising and swelling. If you are in doubt as to whether to apply heat or cold, please consult your pharmacist or physician.
  • 3. When should I use Spiral Heat Flexible Heat Patches and when Hansaplast Capsaicin Medicated Heat Plasters?

    Both products can be used for the relief of musculoskeletal pain. They differ in their mode of action. Elastoplast Capsaicin Medicated Heat Plasters activate the body heat by means of a pharmacological ingredient and block the pain by inhibiting the pain-transmitting Substance P. Spiral Heat Flexible Heat Patches are an external heat source that provides long-lasting deeply penetrating heat. Both products are effective against muscle pain such as back and neck pain but some people experience the effect of the capsaicin-containing heat products as too strong so Spiral Heat offers a pleasant alternative.
  • 4. How should I apply the heat patches?

    Open the pouch directly before use. Remove the sealing paper from the back of the patch so the adhesive is exposed and place this side on your skin directly over the painful area.
  • 5. How long should I wear a Spiral Heat flex patch?

    For best results, wear Spiral Heat for the full 12 hours. Using Spiral Heat for more than the recommended time can increase the risk of skin irritation or burns. If after 7 days the pain remains unchanged or worsens, consult your doctor to get it checked.
  • 6. Can I cut the heat patches?

    No, do not cut the product as it may damage the heat cells. And do not use the patch if the covering of the patch or the patch is damaged. If your skin or eyes come into contact with the content of the cell, rinse with water. If ingested, rinse mouth. In all cases, seek medical advice immediately.
  • 7. How does Spiral Heat work?

    Spiral Heat is a flexible heat patch that contains spiral heat cells that warm up after opening to provide pleasant heat for 12 hours offering heat therapy to treat your pain.
  • 8. What are the spiral cells in Spiral Heat?

    The spiral cells are the part of Spiral Heat that provides warmth. These cells contain a mixture of ingredients that react with air to provide pleasant heat. The chemical reaction is called iron oxidation, which is a controlled form of rusting.
  • 9. What is the SpiroTherm Technology?

    The unique SpiroTherm Technology in Spiral Heat offers maximum 2 and 3 dimensional flexibility of the heat cells for free movement of the user while maintaining effective warmth for 12 hours. The secret of this special design is the integration of Fermat’s spirals, which have two spiral arms each winding from their center for advantageous potential in flexibility.
  • 10. What materials are Spiral Heat Flex Patches made of?

    Spiral Heat flex patches are layers of cloth-like materials called “nonwovens” and contain the Spiral Heat cells which consist of iron, charcoal, salt and water. The layers are laminated to each other using medical adhesives which do not contain latex. The adhesive grid pattern is made of a skin friendly adhesive.
  • 11. How do I dispose of Spiral Heat?

    Spiral Heat can be disposed of in your regular trash after it is chilled. Care should be taken to keep Spiral Heat out of the reach of children and pets.


Please consult the instructions section to find more information.

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