Classic Fixation Tape

First-aid bandage tape


To firmly secure dressings, wound pads and compresses

• Strong, reliable adhesion
• Comfortable to wear
• Hand-tearable
• Latex-free


Classic Fixation Tape

This fixation tape is a home first-aid essential. It can be relied upon to hold dressings, wound pads and compresses in place strongly and securely. There’s no need for scissors, simply hand-tear. This fixation tape is durable and latex-free.
Clean wound and gently dry skin before applying a Elastoplast Sterile Compress or dressing to the wound.
Fix the compress or wound dressing to the surrounding healthy skin using Elastoplast Classic Fixation Tape. The tape can be torn easily by hand to the required length.
It is recommended to change the dressing at least daily.





Classic Fixation Tape
  5m x 2,5cm

1 Piece