Spray Plaster
Transparent Shield

Provides convenient and
invisible protection

  • Waterproof, breathable and flexible shield
  • Protects against germs and bacteria
  • Easy one-hand application - even works upside down

Spray Plaster

Elastoplast Spray Bandage protects against germs and bacteria.

  • The spray provides convenient and transparent wound protection. 
  • The sprayed-on film is flexible  and can be applied even in awkward or hard to reach places. 
  • The shield is waterproof and provides multi-day protection.

Only for small wounds, minor cuts & grazes, not for heavily bleeding cuts.


Acrylic copolymer, polyurethane polymer, ethanol, water, dimethylether

Directions of use

Clean and dry the affected area before application.
Hold can 5-10 cm from affected area.
Spray a light coating and let dry for about a minute.
The plaster gradually disappears over time.
A stinging sensation may occur briefly upon application.
If irritation develops discontinue use.





Spray Plaster

32,5 ml
50 Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Does Spray Bandage stop minor bleeding?

    No, it does not stop bleeding. Bleeding must be stopped, by locally applied pressure, before spray application.
  2. 2. Can Spray Bandage be used on cuts that require minor stitching?

    Spray Bandage is indicated for minor and superficial, dry and clean wounds only, not for bigger or even sutured wounds. For these cases we recommend to consult a physician.
  3. 3. If applied on the face using a cotton ball, can it be used on eyelids, under the eyes or near the mouth and nose?

    Using a cotton ball is not recommended because the drying process starts immediately with the spraying process. It would not be possible to create a film layer on the wound. Eye, mouth or nose contact must be prevented.
  4. 4. Is it possible to remove Spray Bandage from the skin?

    Usually, it is not necessary to remove the Spray Bandage from the skin as the film dissolves after few days. If you want to remove the film earlier,  you can use a solvent based on isopropyl alcohol or ethylacetate.