Scar Reducer
Patch Treatment

  • For raised, coloured or keloid scars
  • Suitable for new and old scars
  • First results noticeable after 3-4 weeks

Scar Reducer

Elastoplast Scar Reducer is a gentle and safe way to reduce raised and coloured scars or keloids by activating the skin’s own regeneration process. Scar Reducer flattens, lightens and softens scars permanently

  • For smaller scars, the patch can be cut, and for larger scars multiple patches can be used. 
  • They are transparent and virtually invisible.
  • The flexible and breathable patches are easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

Clinical studies have shown positive results after 8 weeks of consecutive use of at least 12 hours a day. The first noticeable results usually occur after 3-4 weeks of consistent use. For best results the plasters should be worn a minimum of 12 hours a day.

Scar Reducer Patch Treatment

  • For raised, coloured or keloid scars
  • Suitable for new and old scars
  • First results noticeable after 3-4 weeks

If the patch does not cover the scar completely, several patches may be applied next to each other. For smaller scars, patches may be cut to the size needed. Change patches daily.

How to use

Remove the protective paper from the adhesive side of the patch...
...and apply the patch on clean and dry skin,...
... making sure that the scar is completely covered.





Scar Reducer
12 Strips
(one strip size)

38 x 68mm
12 Strips

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What types of scars is the product suitable for?

    Clinical studies have shown Elastoplast Scar Reducer to be highly effective in the case of hypertrophic scars. In most cases the scars become flatter, lighter in colour, softer and less visible. Elastoplast Scar Reducer can be used for both new and old scars - on the face or body. No side effects are known. The product can be safely used even during pregnancy.
  2. 2. How do the Scar Reducer work?

    The patches do not contain any active ingredients. They are breathable and encourage the skin's own regeneration process by creating an ideal skin climate. The temperature level produced in the scar tissue increases. Enzyme activity and metabolic processes are stimulated to activate restructuring in the scar tissue.
  3. 3. How to use Elastoplast Scar Reducer?

    The elastic and skin-friendly patches are simply applied over the scar. The ideal usage time is 24 hours a day, with a minimum of 12 hours recommended. For hygienic reasons, the patch should be changed after 24 hours. First results become visible after 3-4 weeks with significant and lasting success expected after 8 weeks of continuous treatment. Further improvements are possible after this time.
  4. 4. Is Elastoplast Scar Reducer suitable for every size of scar?

    For large scars, two or more patches can be applied next to each other over the scar. The patches can be cut down to size for use on small scars.
  5. 5. Can a scar be completely removed with Elastoplast Scar Reducer?

    As with other treatment methods, it is not possible to make the scar “invisible” with Elastoplast Scar Reducer. However, major improvement is possible.
  6. 6. Is the use of Elastoplast Scar Reducer painful?

    Thanks to the especially gentle adhesive action, the skin-friendly patches can be worn for a number of weeks. Changing patches is pain free.
  7. 7. What else should be kept in mind when caring for scars?

    Recent scars should initially not be exposed to any major temperature stimulus. Intense sunlight, high heat and extreme cold can have an adverse effect on scar formation. In addition, tight-fitting clothes which may irritate or injur the scar tissue should be avoided. Caution is also advised when doing stretching and strengthening exercises as damaged skin is extremely sensitive.
  8. 8. Does the Elastoplast Scar reducer work with scars due to caesarean section?

    Yes, if the scar is hypertrophic. Often caesarean scars are longer than the size of the Scar Reducer patch; in this case you can use two of them, putting them next to each other.
  9. 9. Can I use the Elastoplast Scar Reducer to avoid scars?

    If the skin has been ruptured you cannot avoid a scar, but you can make the scar less visible. Treatment can be started as soon as wound healing is completed. This means, that the wound has completely closed and sutures have been removed. Then treatment can be started to improve even a fresh scar.
  10. 10. How can the Elastoplast Scar Reducer lighten the colour of the scar?
    Are there any whitening ingredients?

    No, the Scar Reducer does not contain any whitening ingredients at all. The redness of a scar is an indication of the disturbed and overactivated metabolism in the scar tissue. The treatment with the Scar Reducer balances the regeneration process resulting in a reduction of redness.
  11. 11. Can I shower with the Elastoplast Scar reducer?

    Yes, you can take a shower with the Scar Reducer. Even if some parts of the patch get detached, they will stick again, after they have dried.
  12. 12. Is the product skin friendly?

    The material of the Scar Reducer - the polyurethane - is known to be very skin friendly and is also suitable for sensitive skin. Products made of this material are well known in professional wound care. The Scar Reducer Patches are breathable and hydro active and will not cause maceration beneath the patch.
  13. 13. Are there any contra-indications?

    No, the product is very skin friendly and there are no contraindications. However, the product should not be applied on open wounds and burns.